Why choose Reports Online?

Steamline your reporting process

The school edition can be seamlessly integrated with your with your current reporting system or be used as a complete reporting system. Enjoy stress free school reports!

More time to focus on Student Outcomes

Reports Online will save teachers time so they can focus on improving student outcomes. With less stress and more time, there can be more creative lesson planning, engaging lessons and better assessments practices

Impress Parents

Reports Online helps teachers produce personalised report comments for every student. Parents will be impressed with your comprehensive student reports that provide accurate freedback; especially when they begin comparing report cards.

Boost Staff Morale

Reporting periods are frught with tight deadlines and the need to cram in assessments and report on them. This creates stress that affect the entire school. Principals have reported better staff morale since investing in Reports Online.

School Edition FAQ

How to Purchase the School Edition

Reports Online School Edition is sold to schools as a site license, based on the number of teachers at your school (minimum number of licences equal to the number of teachers or classes at your school.

Licences are valid for 2 reporting semesters.

To being the process, email us letting us know how many classes at your school and if you require printing. We will provide a quote. If everything looks good, we will invoice you. Payment is usually via school cheque sent in the mail. Once payment is received, your school will be sent activation codes. Teachers who have not registered for a Reports Online account will need to do so. The activation codes can then be distributed to staff members so they can activate their own accounts (valid for two reporting semesters).

Can Reports be printed?

Printing is not standard and there is not printing in the teacher edition of Reports Online.

The print report feature (called the Export Feature), is a purchasable upgrade ($300) available only to schools who request this feature. The Export Feature templates complies with most NSW and WA school reporting needs.

Note: only our templates can be used with the Export Feature which can be customised (slightly) to suite your needs.

The Export Feature (Print feature) is available only to NSW schools running Microsoft Word 2003 or above. The Export Feature works only with our interactive templates.

More reasons to purchase?

Do you want to boost staff morale? Principals have reported better staff morale. Happy teachers mean happy schools.

Do you want to streamline your reporting process? Reporting time can be relaxed and calm now with Report Robot. Eliminate the stress and frustration. Report writing is an arduous task for the teachers who need to write the comments and for the executive team who need to proof-read and edit hundreds if not thousands of report comments. Teachers spend less time writing report comments that are now more varied and interesting. Executives spend less time editing mistakes and reading the same repeated comments. Executives spend less time picking up the mistakes in comments and teachers spend less time being offended by having to re-write their comments again and again. Sound familiar?

Do you want to achieve a better work-life balance for you and your staff? Many teachers have given us feedback saying how much their family appreciates the better work-life balance they can now enjoy. Particularly during reporting season.

Would you like your staff to appreciate your decision to invest in Reports Online? Given all these benefits, how can your staff not be appreciative of your decision?

How much value, dollar-wise do I get? Think of the amount of man-hours, per teacher, saved with Reports Online including the writing, proof-reading and re-writing and then re-proofreading stages. Multiply that with the number of teachers at your school. Multiply that with average cost per hour for each teacher. Add the cost of stress and strained relations between staff members that are a normal part of report writing. Now, multiply that figure by 2 because there are two report writing semesters per year. This is how much Report Robot is actually worth per year. This is how much will it cost you not to use Reports Online!